My name is Martin. I'm a human and that's my most important title. Also, I'm a follower of Jesus, that one from the Bible. I'm a baron of Sealand. A computer programmer. A writer (4 books so far). A game developer. And I was born in Poland.

Fun fact about Poland: did you know that most Poles think their country is one of the most important countries on the planet? Yes, they do. Also they believe people of the world want hate Poland. Why? For being so important.

This belief makes Poles feel they are super important too. At no cost at all and with no accomplishments whatsoever a good patriotic Pole knows for sure he is an awesome, respectable and important person. And what makes him so great?

The fact that he was born.

Now that's an example of being an idiot.

As for me, I don't want to be an idiot. Even if other Poles dislike me for that. I believe being an idiot has extremely bad consequences for you. Especially where it truly matters, like happiness, love, life and death.

Knowing that, I've been trying to change my idiotic thinking into reasonable thinking. And hey, it works for me! It works really, really well.

But the first step to wisdom is to realize one fact: God ain't idiot.

You are.

Yes. Compared to the creator of the universe we are all idiots and it is a provable fact. Also, nothing to worry about.

So to make is short I'm just a guy who wants to give everybody an idea that it is quite possible to use brain, reason and sense of humor, when it comes to talking about God.

This is basically a videocast, or a podcast if you prefer, where I, Martin, talk about the Bible.

I give you my perspective on things and hope you'll find it interesting.

Just listen, think about it, comment it, get your own idea. And above all - think for yourself instead of following every idiot on the internet!

Including me.

If you think I want you to become a Christian or start attending some church then you are mistaken. It's your business, not mine.

I want you to realize one thing: it's you and only you who are responsible for your own life and your choices. You and you alone will answer to the creator of the universe (if he exists) for all you did or didn't do. And so will I.

Even if you are convinced there is nobody to answer too it's worth to at least explore this possibility. The risk is really high.

And the best start is to realize that God Ain't Idiot. Because lots and lots of people think he is. Or at least they act like he was.

And if you are one of them I want you to stop.

Why not? I think it might be useful to someone out there.

After all it's not so easy to find people who want to talk about God instead of selling him.

I've been running a similar podcast in Polish since 2005 and I know as a fact that it was helpful. Quite a bunch of people say that my talking made a difference and their life changed. You wanna ask them? Ask them!

There are no rules. There is just me.

But if you don't want to piss me off, try to avoid the following:

  • Don't refer to me as "sir", "reverend" of other nonsense. Man, I hate that. I'm simply human and proud of it.
  • Don't give me links instead of conversation. When I want to hear from Richard Dawkins I'll go listen to Richard Dawkins. But when I'm talking to you I want to listen to you. I'm interested in your opinion, not his.
  • Don't tell me "but my pastor said this" or "the pope says that". So? Why should that be an argument to me? It's your idol, not mine. I don't give rat's ass about his claimed authority. Unless he shows me some credentials from God himself.
  • Don't ask me to publish on YouTube. Well maybe I should, but I'm allergic to crowds of idiots. All I can take is few at a time. And believe me, I know. I've had 16 million views on YouTube once.
  • Don't try to make me interested in your church. I'm in no church and I'm not interested in churches. I'm not anti-church either, I just don't care. I care about personal relations and that's it.
  • Don't make me the light for you life. It's your life and you alone are responsible for it. Nobody else. If you want to listen to me, I'm glad. But it doesn't give you right to make me your personal god. Come on, you're better than this.