Bible stories


Would you like to know what christianity today looks like? Open YouTube, search for phrase "bible stories" and you will know.

I did that. I found only one thing that caught my interest: an animations series "Messed Up Bible Stories".

There are also full feature movies based on Bible stories. Not many of them and not very thought provoking either. They would be much better if the characters in those movies weren't so predictable and artificial. But it isn't that bad, it could definitely be worse.

Everything else is cartoons for children. Lots and lots of cartoons. Sweet ones. You know, with flowers, cute animals, pleasant singing and lots of colors. Everybody smiles. Especially God. Except of course evil people, they never smile. That's your typical "bible stories" entry on YouTube.

No surprise here, right?

Well, there should be! Because since when is the Bible a book for children?

So in today's world those famous stories about life and death, nature of man, nature of God, wars, violence, blood, sex and passion are mostly made... for children?!

Man, I hate those cartoons. Not only because there are lies. Sure, children like them. But what happens when the children grow up? Castrated Bible from children stories seems like a book full of nonsense, something readable only by people with dangerously low IQ.

I hate lies.

But there is another reason I hate those cartoons: they assume I am an idiot. And so are my children. And everybody else's.

Why? Watch the movies and see for yourself. And then compare what you've seen to tales of Brothers Grimm or other books that your grandparents read as children. And if you still don't understand what my problem is, ask yourself this question: why was Harry Potter a bestseller? Why did all the children who lived in times of smartphones, tablets and internet suddenly wanted to read books, those books?

Here's my short answer: because J. K. Rowling did not threat them like they were idiots. That's why.

However in the christian world of today treating others like idiots is not a problem; it is a norm. Cartoon stories are watched and enjoyed by millions.

Apparently at some point christians worldwide, hungry for success, realized it was easier to be an idiot preaching to idiots than to fight a loosing battle against the confident world. Christians found their niche.

So here is the deal: atheists shall take the minds of those who think, christians shall take ignorants. And everybody's happy. Both universities and churches are full.

Well I'm not happy.

Because I don't have anything to watch. Except "Messed Up Bible Stories". And neither universities nor churches like me.

I guess being a christian who likes to think goes against everything we've been programmed to accept.

We live in an infantile era. No doubt about it. But it doesn't mean we have to accept it. So as for me, I'm taking the more difficult road. It sure ain't easy. But so much better stories!


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